We just entered in the month of December, also knows as the big holiday season of the year. While we’re secretly over and done with work and looking for the perfect holiday outfit, you’ve still got a whole month to achieve your goals before 2018 starts! To help you to set some serious goals, I made a short list of four educational and empowering fashion platforms that will motivate you to boost your business within seconds.

1. Business of Fashion
Business of Fashion is an educational and empowering fashion platform any aspiring fashion entrepreneur should read as their daily newspaper. BOF daily writes about the economic part of the fashion industry, the fashion leading people and recently launched an online fashion training led by industry figures. Business of Fashion also shares a platform with insiders who speak about their work in the industry. As an upcoming fashion business owner it’s important to read the opinions of insiders, this will help you move forward with your business.

2. Girl Boss
Ever since Sophia Amoruso launched the book Girlboss, we can’t escape from the phrase. A real girl boss is someone who has no limits to where she wants to take her business and most definitely isn’t scared to take risks. In addition to the fun blog articles about work and money (which is very important to read) Girl boss also has their own podcasts where Sophia interviews boundary-pushing woman that share successful stories you’ve never heard before!

3. Pepper Your Talk
After Dior Bediako quite her job at Burberry, she decided to start a fashion platform for the new generation of fashion creatives and named it Pepper Your Talk (talking about a Girlboss). A platform that talks about everything the fashion industry or google will hardly tell you about and aren’t described in the job descriptions. If you’re looking for a job in the fashion industry or for peers that are willing to guide you into the right direction, read the blog articles under the heading Industry and Pepp Talk or sign up for the Junior Network. Trust me, after reading Dior’s writing skills you’ll either love or hate the character role Andy Sachs.

4. Career Girl Daily
If you’re really finding a hard time to work on your goals for the last quarter of the year, Career Girl Daily will have to be you’re go-to guide to make it work! Career Girl Daily writes about entrepreneurship and how to achieve your goals in your daily life.


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