Ashlee Janelle, a young woman who always desired to make a living of her passion. Luckily she realized this at very young age. With this in mind it has not been her vibrant work style or her fashion sense that makes her different, it is rather her drive. This is what fueled her ambition of leaving a mark in the fashion industry back then and right now.

‘’I am going to be a fashion stylist, not just to be one but to influence others through it’’ is what she would oftenly say and so she did. First, as an assistant to her role model stylists. As she grasped unto her strength the more, she started with her own styling company Styled by YOU!. A platform that aims to equip aspiring stylist with tools that help them identify their uniqueness.

While pursuing her entrepreneurial route, she started of with a blog in 2014 to inspire and motivate people to get to action! Making sure that this applied to herself too she decided to study Art, Photo and Fashion Styling at the Academy Vogue and obtained her degree a year after. The blend of the three activities she found herself in, opened her eye to the opportunity of diversiving her skill set. This time in the PR industry - where she worked for fashion and lifestyle brands. Her gained experience in this area enabled her to observe the fashion industry from many different angles and so she figured it to be the right moment to showcase herself.

The growth of Ashlee Janelle as a brand with her own aspirations; The AJ Style Guide E-book is what followed next and in 2016 she became the first Dutch blogger to launch an E-book as such. The mark was set and so far she enlarged her collaborations with other brands such as: Nike, John Frieda, GC Watches, Zalando, ASOS, Timberland, Diesel, Disaronno, H&M, KRO NCRV and more..

Ashlee Janelle’s overall mission in this business is to set an example for young, ambitious creatives that are passionate about working in the fashion industry. Influencing them in a positive manner is her way of giving back. Currently, she is working on a new creative company that is designed to create and connect this group of individuals.