Yesterday morning I woke up with a WhatsApp message from a friend saying: ‘’Ash watch this when you get time.’’ The link in the message directed me to a Youtube video of Pastor Steven Furtick interviewing Bishop T.D Jakes. The topic was: How to build your vision from the ground up.

I recommend anybody that’s still trying to find out his/her purpose or just needs some good food for  thoughts to watch this video. The interview made me realize how grateful we should be of how far we’ve become. Becoming successful is not as easy as our generation thinks!

Becoming succesful also means giving your all to everything that’s inside of you! Every talent that God has placed in you is for a reason. Don’t limit yourself by people or your own insecurities to think that we can only practice one talent. I would love to do so many things I know I’m good at such as: styling, blogging, acting, hosting, public speaking, organizing events! Who said I can only be a blogger!? #DontCallMeJustABlogger

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Pastor Steven Furtick:
When did you decide not to be limited by one title or one function?

Bishop T.D. Jakes
‘’I never knew that they way the people described you would become a prison until they did it.”

Video Made by BADABING.tv / JRL.World
Pictures by Keshia Danso

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