50.000 Wordpress.com websites are being launched daily [source] and Instagram has 700 million monthly active users [source]. Yet you can become a blogger in 2018 and still make a difference. In my previous blog article 4 things I wish I knew before I started blogging I talk about the importance of being disciplined and having a blog plan when getting started. I always find it interesting to discover new bloggers and to see the process of it. This inspired me to share 5 things I’ve noticed start up bloggers don’t think about, with of course my tips and point of few as an extra.

Much more bloggers only have an Instagram account than an actual website or blog nowadays, which is understandable since Instagram is the best marketing tool for every blogger to be seen by followers and potential brands to collaborate with. But brands are becoming more skeptical about working with bloggers since everybody can fake it till they make it (think about buying followers and likes). Therefore they ask bloggers even more besides a sponsored Instagram post to also write an extensive blog article about their product/service which also helps to rank in Google (Instagram posts doesn’t rank in Google). Instagram is much more easier comparing to writing a blog article but if you really want to create valuable content for yourself and brands, I would recommand every blogger to write a blog article at least once a month. After all, you’re building a portfolio *hinthint.

As an blogger it is extremely difficult to stay unique when you see thousands of other bloggers getting influenced by one another. They don’t call us influencers for no reason right?! Because a few leading bloggers determine ‘the image’ of how a blogger should look like, you’re most likely going to copy that behavior or style. But the truth is, nobody actually really knows how a ‘typical blogger’ should look like so why not create your own definition? It’s okay not to have the newest Gucci or Balenciaga as long as you stay unique and true to yourself. I mean, there are so many other cool brands to look up to.

Instagram is a powerful tool to use to promote your blog and therefore you should tackle it right away to build your personal brand. A lot of bloggers change their Instagram handle to their personal name after a while, because they find out it’s much more convenient and versatile. Building a name such as @FashionLoverMe or @LilSkateboardGirl (example) makes it hard to create other content than people expect. Your desires and ideas towards your personal brand might change so make it as personal as possible.

Talking about personal branding, have you thought about how you want people to look at your brand? Is your Instagram handle, website, use of color, type of pictures you post, font and your message all in line with each other? All of this involves your personal brand and makes it easier for people to recognize and remember your brand but most importantly for you to know what you should/should not communicate. People and brands need to know what you stand for, it will make them appreciate you more.

You probably hear and read a lot about the importance of networking but how often do you do it, how serious do you take it and do you network with the right people? I came across a really good video of Issa Rae on Youtube explaining the ‘’the key to network’. Do you want to become a fashion blogger? Make sure to visit fashion events whereby you get to connect with bloggers that are currently at the same stage as you (I mean, that’s what Instagram’s for after all).


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