If you have been keeping up with me on Instagram a few days ago, you have probably seen a sneak preview of me shooting the Nike Air Vapormax. By receiving so many exciting and happy comments from the true Nike fans I could tell this was the moment they have been waiting for like Beyonce dropping a new album.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about and never heard of the Nike Air Vapormax before but interested in flexible air shoes that perfectly move from the street to the dancefloor, keep on reading…

While I was in New York I received an e-mail from Nike, the first thing I screamed was ”Momma, I made it!” and then I asked myself was ”Why me?! I’m not a healthty/sport blogger” but then I realized the power of the Nike Air Vapormax.

What I love about Nike is that they always try new and innovative things to keep us exciting. Seven years ago Nike started the revolution of creating the Nike Air Vapormax. After testing and trying many times Nike succeeded in creating a shoe that no other brand has done; the most flexible and lightest shoe ever with no foam or glue!

Back to the question I asked myself; ”Why me?! I’m not a healthy/sport blogger.” The power of the Nike Air Vapormax is that they are first of all made for:

Risk takers (that’s me)
The collaboraters (that’s me)
The explorers (Yup, thats me too)
The curators (Nike, stop it! You’re making me shy) The dreamers (Okay, this is getting scary)
The innovators (I’m done! This is so me!)

Like I said in the beginning of this blog article, the Nike Air Vapormax are the most flexible air shoes that perfectly move from the street to the dancefloor. After a productive morning I matched the Nike Air Vapormax (color Mid day) with a comfortable outfit to enjoy the lovely weather in Amsterdam.

Shop this look:


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