Instagram is one of the most powerful marketing tools to use to promote your service or product. It’s all about sharing beautiful visuals and connecting with creative like minded people from all over the world, but with the right strategy you will know how to work with the Instagram algorithm to get real users to engage on your page or even turn followers into customers. Keep reading to find out how to increase your Instagram following.

The first time I got introduced to Instagram was on my 21st birthday by one of my dearest friends Willemien. She convinced me to download this ”cool” app that everybody was using. So with a side eye and a sceptical mind I ”tried it out”. And now here I am, 42K followers further with an engagement of 37,46% (20+ is the ideal IPM). Click here to calculate your IPM (Interaction Per thousand Followers).

Instagram is all about engagement! With the new Instagram algorithm,  posts aren’t only being ranked according to likes anymore, but also according to the amount of comments, minutes people spend on your page and more. This means you’ll have to think of a strategy on how to boost your engagement to increase your following. Get it!?

Here are five tips that will help you to work on your Instagram strategy:

To get a high amount of engagement on Instagram it’s important to posts when your audience are the most active. Besides the amount of likes, comments, shares etc on your posts the Instagram algorithm also wants to know how quickly you got the engagement (I’ll get there in a sec). This is why it’s very important to schedule your posts. Research what time works the best for you and test this out everyday. After a month you’ll have an overview of the days your posts got the most and quickest engagement.

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram following and engagement is to add a Call-To-Action in your caption. Think about a good question or story that relates to the picture you’re posting on your Instagram page that would interest your followers to react in the comment section. For instance, ask them to tag a friend or what they had for breakfast. Make them stop and think for a while. Click here to see how I did.

The whole point of ”Swipe to the left” is to trigger people to spend more time on your Instagram page. Instagram users are quick to leave your page after scrolling through a hundreds of beautiful images but with the Call To Action ”Swipe to the left” you have another key to boosts your Instagram page. The Instagram algorithm also ranks a post according to the lengths of time users spend viewing your posts.

This is undoubtedly the first thing everyone starts with, hashtags! How important are hashtags and which hashtags are effective enough to increase your following? One thing’s for sure, hashtags are designed for visibility and are only effective if you make them as specific as possible! Research what hashtag your target audience uses and operate under the same hashtag to create visibility amongst your target audience. Another way to increase your Instagram following is to use specific hashtags such as #dutchblogger (124,989 posts) instead of #blogger (41,802,300 posts) or #bandagedress instead of #dress (65,635,837 posts). Using the targeted hashtags will get real users to engage or even follow your Instagram page.

5. Comment Pods
If you’ve never heard of Instagram Comment Pods before, you’ll wonder why no one has told you about it after reading this! Instagram comment pods are a group of 10-14 bloggers/entrepreneurs with the same target audience who join together to increase their Instagram following via Instagram DM. Every time a member posts a picture on Instagram, they also share it in the group so the rest of the members can like and comment on the post (preferably within an hour).  This is an ideal way to show the Instagram algorithm how quickly you got the engagement and it also stimulates your followers to engage on your posts. You can find various Facebook groups with members (that share the same target audience) that form and share Instagram comment pods for you to join but you can also create your own! When creating your own, try to form a small group to keep an overview.


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